Resultados sorprendentes de la campaña de reciclaje/ Surprising results from recycling day

Los residuos que generamos son producto de lo que consumimos. Es nuestra responsabilidad para con el ambiente causar la menor huella destructiva posible. El reciclaje, el compostaje y la reducción en el consumo de artículos innecesarios que no son biodegradables son buenas opciones para reducir nuestro impacto y el de nuestros negocios en el ambiente.

Considerando la situación que estamos atravesando con respecto a los residuos sólidos, esperábamos una campaña de reciclaje con un alto volumen. Nos preparamos, llegaron muchos voluntarios a ayudar (¡gracias!), coordinamos con el camión de recolección de reciclaje para que estuvieran listos para un mayor volumen.

¿El resultado? Tuvimos la campaña de recolección con el menor volumen desde que iniciamos con esta iniciativa hace dos años. Ayer recolectamos 380kilos (ni media tonelada!) cuando normalmente el volumen recolectado oscila entre 1,3 y 2 toneladas.

Hemos estado analizando el por qué. Hubiéramos deseado que la preocupación generada por la crisis actual de la basura hubiera generado una mayor conciencia en la población sobre la necesidad de reciclar. Igual lo seguiremos intentando. Próxima campaña de reciclaje, jueves 3 de agosto.


The solid waste we generate is a product of what we consume. It is our environmental responsibility to have the least destructive footprint. Recycling, composting, and reducing our consumption of unnecessary non-biodegradable items are good ways of reducing our impact and that of our businesses on the environment.

Considering the current trash crisis we are going through, we were expecting this past recycling day to bring a higher volume than usual. We prepared for this, we asked for the help of a lot of volunteers (thanks!), we coordinated with the recycling truck so they would expect a higher volume.

The result? We had the lowest volume recycling day since we started this initiative two years ago. We collected 380kilos (not even half a ton!), when usual volume goes anywhere from 1,3 – 2 tons.  We have been wondering what happened? We would’ve wished that the concern generated by the current trash crisis would have increased the population’s awareness on the need to recycle. We will keep on trying. Next recycling day is Thursday August 3rd.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Do we know if Gato had an increase in his recycling during the trash crisis? If not, this is a sad commentary. We can not continue to ignore this is a problem, not just here, but all over the world. We need to wake up before it is too late. Looking around the town and seeing the plastic bottles and beer cans all over the roads, it is no surprise that we continue to have major problems in the future. Even some of the markets who allow drinking outside their store do not do anything to stop patrons from throwing their beer cans and food wrappers all over. They are profiting from sales and that is all they care about.

  2. William Crescenzo says:

    How sad ….
    Thank you for all you are trying to do for the community .Unfortunately many people from all walks of life here just don’t get it .I wish there were a way to make more appealing to people to recycle .I am always amazed when I pass a trash pile and it is soo obviously mixed up with things that could be recycled ,many times the recyclable items are even separated but just thrown with the regular trash to be taken away together .
    We did not drop our recycling off because we bring it to Gato .
    I think what water keepers is doing is great ! Please continue with this campaign .
    Gracias !

    1. nicoyawaterkeeper_bnptsu says:

      Gracias William!

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