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our mission

Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper is a non-government organization, whose mission is to monitor, protect and restore water quality in the coastal watersheds and marine ecosystems between the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve and the Caletas-Ario National Wildlife Refuge through research, field work, education and advocacy.

We want these watersheds’ water quality and scenic beauty maintained and restored to flourish, for present and future generations to benefit from and enjoy.

We are the guardians of clean water for the South Nicoya Peninsula, filling a critical niche in the coastal area as the watchdog, steward, and voice of the ocean and coastal watersheds.

Crystalline ocean

our vision

Nicoya Peninsula Waterkeeper’s vision is to have fully functioning ecological, biological and hydrological aquatic ecosystems in the ocean and the coastal watersheds.

Helping you become a guardian of the water

helping you become a guardian of the water

100% of your donation goes directly to protecting coastal water

Crystalline ocean

Let‘s take action to reduce our impact on nature together!

If you would like to be a part of this change and contribute, we invite you to get informed about our projects!

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The Beach Cleanup by NP Waterkeeper aims to reduce the amount of solid waste on the beaches of the area through weekly beach cleanups, ensuring proper disposal of each type of collected material. We have a staff of 5 people (+volunteers) who are cleaning the beaches from Monday to Friday.

The most exciting part about this project is that it brings a solution for beach tragic plastic, which could not be recycled! We joined the national environmental initiative Paisajes sin Plástico, to insert tragic plastic we collect on the beach into concrete blocks for construction using the RESIN8 technology, which is currently being implemented in only 3 other countries worldwide.

Find out more and get involved with this project here!
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Sewage pollution in streams and beaches is one of the main environmental issues in Santa Teresa. This is why we want to share more accurate information about which points in town are safe to enter for having a good time swimming or surfing without getting sick!

We are currently fundraising to buy new water quality testing equipment, so more accurate data can tell locals and visitors which points are safe to enter without pollution to the sea. Amazing right?

Learn more here!
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